Design Guide - Printova Signs

If you have your own artwork, you can save money on design fees.  Basic layout is included on most items, but design is not. If you are unsure of the difference read through our design guide.

For the purposes of printing there are 3 main types of artwork.  Print ready art, vector art, and raster art.  Print ready art can be in the form of vector or raster.

Basic layout:

This refers to laying out your logo and information on a simple printed item like a business card.  If you have a logo and the info you need but can’t put it together into a card, no worries there is no charge for that.

Print ready art:

If you have print ready art we are happy to print it on anything you would like.  Keep in mind that vector art is able to be scaled and raster is not.  Color will be printed as sent.  Just because it looks blue on your computer does not mean it will print blue.  If you or your designer is not comfortable with color printing please tap us in.

Vector art:

Vector art is geometrically designed art that is not based on pixels but math.  This is our preferred artwork method as we can easily scale it with no loss of quality.  These files are generally .ai or .eps file extensions.  PDF is sometimes vector as well.  If you are unsure send it to us and we can advise you.

Raster art:

Raster art is the most common type of artwork.  You see it on every website.  When you snap a picture on your phone, it is raster.  If the raster image is high enough quality we can still print it.  In general we need properly sized 300 dpi images to print a raster.  You cannot print a tiny image on a large banner or canvas.  If you are in doubt send it to us and we can advise you on what we can or cannot do.

Design services:

If you do not have print ready or vector art we can still help!  We can design anything so we can redraw or recreate just about anything you send us.  There are limitations, but for the most part we can make it work.  If we have to redraw or recreate your art, there will be a fee.  The estimated fee will need to be paid before the art is started.  If the art takes more or less time than estimated, the fee will be adjusted.  Contact us if you have questions about your artwork.