FAQ - Printova Signs

We have a common set of FAQ (frequently asked questions).  This page will be updated as more questions come up.

  1. Can you print on _______?
    1. Yes, we print anything on anything! Maybe there is something we can’t do, but we haven’t found it yet.
  2. How long does it take to print?
    1. That depends on the item, quantity, current capacity, etc.  Standard lead time for most products is 7-10 business days.  We are able to do many items faster, and some items slower.  Lead times start after the payment is made and the art is approved.
  3. Can you show me 300 versions of a sign that I have no idea what I want it to look like?
    1. We are a small crew and therefore we cannot do artwork without a commitment to buy.  If you need graphics before you know what you want to buy, you can prepay for graphics work.
  4. Do you design anything as well?
    1. Yes!  We design logos, social media banners, websites, and more!  Need a design quote?  Just ask.
  5. What will it look like?
    1. We provide a proof before printing.  Artwork starts after deposit or paid in full.
  6. Can’t you just… it is only… all you have to do is…?
    1. Let’s be honest.  We all say these things.  If you feel like saying this phrase while trying to talk us into a better price it will not go well.  Our team are experts, and it is rarely “just” anything.
  7. Does anyone read FAQ’s?
    1. My guess is nobody will see to this FAQ.  Free printova pen if you read this.
  8. Are you going to answer more questions on here?
    1. Sure but for now these are the ones we have.  We’d love to chat though!  Use this form to send us a request.