Green Initiatives - Printova Signs green products and printing

At Printova Signs we are doing our part to help the world stay green.  Our green products help you and the world.  We use state of the art printing that involves no solvents.  This results in a no voc print that has no weird smells or need to out gas.  Our canvas prints are clean air certified and can go directly into asthma clinics the day they are printed.

That is the biggest step we are taking, but it doesn’t stop there.  We also offer many promotional products that are earth friendly.  Many of our promotional products are made with biodegradable materials.  There is even a pen that can be composted!

If you want green products we have you covered.  Single use plastics cause a lot of waste in our world.  We rep a line of corn plastics that can replace most plastics and are printed with bio inks.  This allows them to break down in compost rather than fill the ocean with plastic.

We have also moved a lot of our customers from plastic signs to aluminum.  Aluminum is more durable, and infinitely recyclable.  Some of our vinyls are even available in pvc free forms.

The demand for green products is growing.  While it grows there is a slight premium on the price for green products.  The more demand there is the more the prices will come down.  Upfront cost now, cleaner earth later.

If you want to learn more or have a request for green products, click here to contact us.